Night Owl

The Covenant Confederation
(or in bablefish-Dutch: Overeenkomst Confederatie)

I became fascinated by an idea written about on the blog Strange Maps. What if the Netherlands never gave up New Amsterdam? The Strange Maps post based on a map created up Paul Burgess, who outlines his idea's of the scenario.

But I had a few issues with the way Mr Burgess created it and loving maps and history I decided to give it my own try. It's incomplete and still has many holes, but it was fun to make.

Overeenkomst Confederatie - An alternate history map of the Covenant Confederation.

The city names and locations are based on a combination of found Native American places, bablefish translations and my own imagination.

The Largest Metropolitan Areas (US Names):
New Amsterdamn (New York) - 18,818,536
Broerliefde (Philadelphia) - 5,826,742
Seginsavin (Metro Detroit) - 4,468,966
Kayahsotaa (Greater Pittsburgh) - 2,370,776
Cuyahoga (Greater Cleveland) - 2,114,155
Losantiville (Greater Cincinnati/the Tri-State) - 2,104,218
Tioga Capital District - 1,750,000
Scioto (Columbus, OH) - 1,725,570
Valkills (Indianapolis, IN) - 01,666,032
Willinkstad (Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY) - 1,137,520
Irondequoit (Rochester, NY MSA) - 1,035,435
Beverwijck (Albany-Schenectady-Troy) - 850,957
Alevrienden (Dayton, OH MSA) - 838,940
Lechauwitank (Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton, PA-NJ MSA) - 800,336
Owashtanong (Grand Rapids, MI) - 774,084
Summum (Akron, OH MSA) - 700,943
Omaumeg (Toledo, OH MSA) - 653,695
Schaaunactoda (Syracuse, NY MSA) - 650,051
Jongplaats (Youngstown, OH) - 586,939
Capoose (Scranton-Wilkes-Barre, PA) - 550,841
Peshtank (Harrisburg-Carlisle, PA) MSA - 525,380
Roermond (Lancaster, PA) - 494,486
Miskwam (Flint, MI) MSA - 441,966
Lexington (Lexington, KY) - 436,684
Kekionga (Fort Wayne, IN MSA) - 408,071