Night Owl

State And Main

Viewed: 13 April 2002
Directed by: David Mamet
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Not very good, just general Hollywood schlock. Ooo, lets make a film about a Hollywood film being made in a small town in Vermont. Delightful. It seems that David Mamet should stick to writing. As for a film about writing Barton Fink is much better. This one might have work if it didnít rely so much on stereotypes. Oh well. I would like to have seen something a little more real, for some reason Iím thinking documentary style. The other odd thing is the scene at when the writer is going onto the train. I didnít expect it to be Amtrak,which does go to Vermont, but it turned out to be dirty MBTA commuter cars they applied a logo to. They didnít even bother to clean them. Anyone who takes the Commuter rail would have recognized them. I like this old Hollywood perception of that railroads still exist like they did in the 1950s.

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