Night Owl

Cradle Will Rock

Viewed: 24 November 2002
Directed by: Tim Robbins
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On Saturday I went to see a live performance of Cradle Will Rock at the Loeb Experimental Theater. On Sunday, I watched Cradle Will Rock again. It was interesting the parallels between the two. The film uses much the same plot in the story involving Mathers Steel and the general theme of course, of everybody being a whore. Or a habitual prostitute. In some ways I enjoyed the play more. Sure it lacks great dialogue, Orson Wells and Diego Rivera, but overall a little more enjoyable. Except for a scene involving Junior Mister and his trip to Honolulu. “Spoon and Croon” is very unnecessary. I think last time I saw it I picked up on the same thing, but near the end of the film Hearst, Mathers and Rockefeller discuss how they can control art, to avoid the Diego Riveras’ and encourage the Picassos’, and abstract non-social art. And the same conclusion I drew last time, Its true, thats what they did.

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