Night Owl

Roger And Me

Viewed: 25 November 2002
Directed by: Michael Moore
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In a way the original Bowling for Columbine. Through not quite. A lot more specific and you can tell, a bit more crude. Not by much, but not as refined. You can tell Michael Moore more or less new what he was doing back then with this his first film. Iíve seen it before, but a while ago. I remembered the evictor, autoworld (which I am still fascinated by. What is it about Michigan cities and failed urban renewal projects?) and of course the bunnies. I would say the one area he has improved a great deal is the emotional peaks and valleys. Bowling for Columbine is very emotional charged, Roger and Me is more sedate and relies on such things as the bunny being skinned. It would be nice if the two didnít bring this direct comparison. But being so similar its hard not to draw connections. Roger and Me is still a great film worth watching again.

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