Night Owl

Goodbye Columbus

Viewed: 07 April 2003
Directed by: Larry Peerce
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This started on WGBH 44, the font alone was enough to make me laugh so I watched it. Plus Richard Benjamin really looks like Rowan Atkinson. I was surprised I sat through the whole thing, but I had to win dammit. Basically a poor Jewish guy from the Bronx meets a Jewish Princess from Westchester, they fall in love, she forgets her diaphragm, he leaves. Stretch that out over 90 minutes, fill it with useless dialogue, very poor jarring edited, a jittery gay brother and a plot which has no direction and you will get a sense of the pain of this film. What is it about the sixties crappy cinema, it exists on its own level of crap. Bittersweet, much more bitter then sweet, like pickle covered in chocolate.

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