Night Owl


Viewed: 05 July 2003
Directed by: Jean-Luc Godard
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Godardís unconventional film about the suburb of Alphaville. Under the control of Alpha 60, a computer 132 light years beyond all others, the residents of Alphaville live purely logical. Those who display illogic, are executed for the universal good. This is the clearest story I could get out of Alphaville. It is a mix of strange references, from pop culture to religion and poetry. All told with this exacting coldness, a monotone voice, lack of strong emotion. The fight against logic presented in the film is also echoed in its format. Non-nonsensical dialogue mixed with scenes that donít follow the way they should. Godard seems just to painting some sort of canvas on what he sees as modern French life, superimposed on this fantastic future-present.

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