Night Owl

Donnie Darko

Viewed: 08 July 2003
Directed by: Richard Kelly
Listed in: Movies, Other

Donald Darko has an imaginary friend Frank. Frank is a man in a disturbing rabbit suit. He tells Donald that there is 28 days left to the end of the world. He also tells Donald to do things, like break the water main in school or burn down a self-help guruís house. Donnie Darko the film is a number of references. Dukakis, Evil Dead, the shit of high school. It also speaks to time travel and a culture that prescribes pills to solve problems. A great unexpected cast, all of which do an excellent job. Oddly Patrick Swaize is wonderful as a self-help infomercial guru. The film leaves you without an explanation, just a logical conclusion. Which is fine with me. The viewer brings greater meaning then the creator could of thought of.

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