Night Owl


Viewed: 07 May 2005
Directed by: Julie Taymor
Listed in: Movies, Other

A comparison to Cradle Will Rock is interesting, the same scene with Diego Rivera and Nelson Rockefeller takes place, but it is Rubén Blades and John Cusack, instead of Alfred Molina and Edward Norton. But in the scene Frida only appears for a second to Let Diego know that Rockefeller has appeared. While Rivera cannot be separated from Frida Kahlo, Trotsky can. And was that Josephine Baker in Paris? That is what interested me most, her connections to other people equally larger then life. Selma Hayek is excellent, it’s easy to forget it isn’t Frida Kahlo on screen. The film is interesting that it takes the popular “live” paintings and morphs between the canvas and the action. Otherwise it is a very standard biography.

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