Night Owl

Robot Stories

Viewed: 21 January 2006
Directed by: Greg Pak
Listed in: Movies, Other

Robot Stories are four shot films, each seemly taking place farther in the future. All revolve around technology interacting with human lives, and making them more or less human. The four films are about adoption, parenting, machine love and finally immortality through technology. The last two are far better then the first two, with the immortality one “clay” being the most touching. They are all well done, but I felt they left something to be desired. At first, I was taken aback by the video quality of the picture. Some of the acting is not up to par and at times the writing is not very good. But I suppose these are trifles with such a seemly low-budget but well produced film. The last two carry the rest of the story beyond the glitches.

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