Night Owl

The Watcher In The Woods

Viewed: 3 February 2006
Directed by: John Hough
Listed in: Movies, Other

Disney release this scary film for the little Ďens in 1980. Apparently it developed quite a cult following among children. It scared the hell out of them, but parents would rent it since it was a Disney G rated film. A family moves into Betty Davisís house, the eldest daughter Jan resembles Davisís now lost daughter Karen. Karen communicates to Jan through her little sister. Jan figures out she needs to save Karen. Meanwhile in the woods is this watcher, watching and occasionally firing a laser or breaking glass. Itís full of child-like scary imagery, but also lots and lots of jumpy scenes. Through this jumpy atmosphere the film can ignore such things as character development, or good dialogue and acting. But its for the kids, so I really canít complain.

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