Night Owl

Dr Strangelove

Viewed: 18 July 2001
Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
Listed in: Movies, Cinema

Last night I went to see a 35 mm print Dr Strangelove Gloriously projected onto a 20 foot screen! Widescreen and actual film! It was fucking amazing. I realized that I had only seen it on VHS before, never even a DVD. My God it was awesome! I nearly cried, my eye did water a few times from Joy. Seeing it with an audience made my realize how many jokes I never really got before. The audience laughed at jokes I got but never realized the true humor. Like the part where Major Kong is reading Playboy, the navigator is playing doing card tricks and the subtle performances of all the actors. Amazing. It was like I was watching it for the first time, all that I discovered. Plus that fact I could see what was on the ends of the screen, and I could read every bit of text everywhere. Book titles, charts, the big board. Amazing. I will definitely go if they ever show it again.

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