Night Owl

Two Thousand And One A Space Odyssey

Viewed: 27 January 2002
Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
Listed in: Movies, Cinema, 70mm

Went to See the 70mm restored print of 2001 at the Coolidge last night. Amazing. Not tearing joy, buy such joy. Like I was on some wonderful drug. The colors were so much improved. The shot of the Monolith with the moon and the sun in line look so beautiful. Amazingly vibrant reds. The Dawn of man look much less like a set. Being 70mm, the detail was all there. The satellite in the beginning is a Russian army one. The Russians on space station 5, are flying Aeroflot. There is a Howard Johnston’s Earthview Lounge. The voice print identification has a United States Departing Customs logo. So cool. As I expected the Jupiter and beyond the Infinite sequence was so much better. I really got a sense of momentum when the lines started to appear. The whole thing looked so good. The stock footage from Dr. Strangelove, I always thought that it looked kinda crapy. Man o man was I wrong. It was so beautiful. When Dave was blinking and changing colors, it hurt Jason’s eyes. Oh and the best part. The intermission actually meant something. They closed the curtains and turned up the lights for 10 min. Jason went to the bathroom. It works so well with the movie. Everytime I watch it from now on I am going to pause it.

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