Night Owl

Shoot The Piano Player

Viewed: 07 February 2002
Directed by: FranÁois Truffaut
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I really like the way shoot the piano player was done. I always liked the French New Wave, Iím thinking of incorporating ideas from that into my final for video basics. I was thinking of doing the guy richie project, but it is not me at all. I realized as Iíve been writing script and filming that I very much go for the hand off, Kubrick style. A long zoom in and a single note. Iím writing this because I want to remember shoot the piano player. I should watch films that I want to make, before i write scripts. If I see a good film, I often get into a character from it for the next few hours. I speak the dialogue, I think those lines, I figure out those shots. Now I am having an idea like the dialogue with shoot the piano player. The thoughts in his head when he is with the girl. I think that is a real avenue to explore for this project. Could be nice and short, good dialogue not hard to film.

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