Night Owl


Viewed: 06 April 2002
Directed by: Ted Demme
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

Eh, fuck it. I watching the credits of Blow as I write this. I normally don’t like to write or give my opinion of things so soon after seeing them, but I was thinking of things to write while I was still watching it. Seems like a long fucking movie. Its almost 9 pm and I started watching it, I don’t know, 6-7. I guess 7. Anyway back to my “review”. Well crafted, very heavy-handed in the end, especially when the last shot is a picture of the Real Gorge Jung in prison until 2015. The part dealing with him running marijuana was alot better then the part with cocaine. After he got out of Prison yet again and walked his daughter to school, the movie really should have ended, much to long after that. I like the use of photographs, less stylized then Run Lola Run. Actually that was probably the best part. Eh, entertaining film, that runs too long.

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