Night Owl

Blood Simple

Viewed: 16 May 2002
Directed by: Joel and Ethan Coen
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The Coen Brothers first film, made entirely independently. Really and extremely simple film. Not much complexity, it instead keeps the viewer wondering what is going to happen to these characters next. Basically its people with no other choice, or two equally shitty choices. Really good, for a first film on a low budget. The lighting was highly stylized, very noir influenced. The cinematography was done by Barry Sonnenfeld of all people. The style really reminded me of Fargo. Now Iím wondering if fargo is sort of a remaking of Blood Simple. Damn, its really good for its resources. the plot is so well crafted. Its clear and too the point and even thou is isnít a point. The edits are really tight as well, very jumping yet smooth and logical. A very good film, if I ever see it for cheap, Iíll defiantly buy it.

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