Night Owl

Nurse Betty

Viewed: 24 May 2002
Directed by: Neil LaBute
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

My god what shit. I just want to slap Renee Zellweger. Morgan Freeman actually said ďI made a deposit on the boatĒ. What the fuck? It was marketed as something off center, a little smarter. Instead it is worst then shit. This is fucking Legally Blonde bullshit. Iím so glad I didnít see this in a theater, I want to stop watching this. I never have wanted to stop watching a netflix rental. Iím writing this fucking entry while its running in the background. Hey they had the tunnel that is in Gattaca. Notice that is the most interesting part. So Chris Rock dies and Morgan Freeman tells Betty that he was his son, but hey Betty feel good about yourself. Iím going to go shoot myself in the bathroom. Hey it happens all over again in Rome! Haha isnít life funny! Hooray for Hollywood! Swell the music! Life is grand! Hollywood can suck my cock!

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