Night Owl

The Age Of Innocence

Viewed: 04 June 2002
Directed by: Martin Scorsese
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A few days ago I saw Age of innocence. Pretty good, through I had to stop halfway through and resumed it later in the day. Martin Scorsese seems to have to most fun showing the details of 1870ís upper class life. The dinner plates, the artwork on the walls, the carefully handling of a gentlemenís gloves. It really does document the effortless lifestyle of the upper class at that time, the new American Aristocrats. Hmm, I just read a review on IMDB, which compared Scorsese style in this film to Kubrick. It is a valid comparison. Several times the camera ignores the players for the details. The main interest and my interest as well of the movie is life during that time. The film gives enough tastes of it, to move it along.

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