Night Owl

Double Indemnity

Viewed: 05 June 2002
Directed by: Billy Wilder
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Great Film noir, it was definitely a movie I had to see. “She was a tramp from a family of tramps” “She drinks straight out of the bottle”. The story involves an insurance scam on a train with a salesman and the victims wife. Pretty good lighting and muse en scene. The Dialogue and twisting storyline is of course what I’ll remember. It went straight down the line as a standard film noir. Its interesting I haven’t watched an “old” motive in a while. The last bunch have all been modern films. So it was refreshing to see this and how it has inspired films I’ve seen recently. When the plot turn to the teenage boyfriend I thought of Insomnia. the Swedish version that is. I just remembered Mike has my Copy of Dr Strangelove. I didn’t even see him take during the party.

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