Night Owl

True Romance

Viewed: 08 June 2002
Directed by: Tony Scott
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Man Quentin Tarantino can write. If only he wouldn’t act. This movie had so many people in it, written by Tarantino, directed by Tony Scott, starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette. Then every other single role was played by names. Dennis Hopper as Clarence’s (Slaters) dad, Brad Pitt as a stoned roommate, Gary Oldman as this wigger pimp/drug dealer, James Gandolfini and Christopher Walken as gangsters, fucking Balki as an assistant/actor, Val Kilmer as Elvis. Damn, the cast really reaches far. And they are all used well in the script. While I couldn’t tell what was going to happen from the beginning, once the police got involved I knew it was going to end with the big shootout/everybody but the heroes die. That being said, it was fun just to see who was playing what role. The film goes off to some little side stories and allows plenty of time to focus on the secondary characters, so it becomes a series of short stories all working in the overall plot. If only Clarence hadn’t left his license. Well, not much of a movie then. So I would say it is very strong, once Clarence and Alabama get married, then gets weaker once the LAPD becomes involved. Stereotypical ending of the family on the beach in Cancoon, watching the sun set. But overall a really fun film.

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