Night Owl


Viewed: 10 June 2002
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Listed in: Movies, Cinema

Christopher Noland does a very good job at establishing the insomnia of Detective Dormer. That was the one piece that is much better in this version of the film then the original. The changes to the storyline I donít like. But I do like the style, everything is drenched in light. It is a very dark film because all of the backgrounds are over exposed. The foreground is dark and the background is light. It does well to establish that its 24 hours of sunlight. Other then that the remake had no improvements over the original. Too Hollywood, not nearly as much subtlety, and I assume because its Al Pacino, Detective Dormer had to be good, save the world from all the bad criminals he lock up. So in the end, if you want character development, original. If you want high style, remake.

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