Night Owl

Before Night Falls

Viewed: 13 June 2002
Directed by: Julian Schnabel
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The life of Reinaldo Arenas during the early years of the revolution. The interesting period is directly after the revolution when there is a time of sexual liberation and even army officers are gay. I suppose it happens in all revolutions, Russia lead ďAvant-GardeĒ art until Stalin took power. After that comes this shadowy oppression. Until it leads to full oppression of artist and homosexuals. The bulk of the movie is of Reinaldo Arenas, struggling under this and trying to get away. This is supported by a great muse-en-scene that recreates Cuba in the 50ís though the early 80ís. Apparently it was filmed in Mexico, thou it is hard to tell. Also intertwined through out is historical footage of Castro and the revolution. Iím drawing a blank of what to write and this feels more like an assignment then my thoughts on the film. I enjoyed it, was brought in by the cinematography, the beauty of Cuba. Very good, worth the two hours, but Iíll forget it come six months.

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