Night Owl

Blue Velvet

Viewed: 23 June 2002
Directed by: David Lynch
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

“Heineken? Fuck that foreign shit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!” David Lynch Man, fucking A. Or Dennis Hopper man, fucking A. Not as surreal as Mulholland Dr. but surreal. it seemed like a segue into twin Peaks. The music was sitcomy, television style cut always. If it was said that blue velvet was written to be a television show, instead of Mulholland Dr. I would believe it. But how can you discount a movie that not only values PBR, but knocks Bud? The acting was poor, probably on purpose. Some lines were terrible, again on purpose. So in the end, Lynch really crafts the film. Oh and I picked up at least one reference to Un Chien Andalou. Fucking A.

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