Night Owl


Viewed: 23 June 2002
Directed by: David Atkins
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

Odd. Seemed as thou it should be very good. Had the cast, had the plot. Just missing the directing and editing. It seemed very odd, very small time. What I would expect myself to make right now. I mean the compromises that seems like they are ok, but in the end really effected the work. Steve Martin is a pleasure as always. Kevin Bacon has a neat guest appearance. But Helena Bonham Carter, it seems as thou the director was just doing a poor job of copying Fight Club. She was probably wearing the same clothes from it. On the editing side the transition between scene is reminiscent of an x-ray. Note only does it not match the tone of the movie, it seems amateur. Again something I could do. Hmm. Some movie I use the comparison that I could make it as a complement. I want to make those. This one, its what I would make if handed the job.

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