Night Owl

Stalag 17

Viewed: 30 June 2002
Directed by: Billy Wilder
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Reminds me of 12 angry men, in the end a morality tale about passing judgment. The easiest answer not being the right one. William Holden won an Oscar, which is deserving. definitely that caliber of performance. I didn’t enjoy the comedy aspect of the film however. that would be its one short coming with an American audience. I would have preferred to be able to ignore Animal and Harry, the comedy becomes very dated, thou it works in the interactions with Schulz. Seeming realistic, the German use German except of course for the title. The Americans would refer to the camp as “stalag seventeen”, but the Germans would probably refer to it (when speaking to the p.o,w,s as “stalag siebzehn” oh well trivial detail. Overall very well done, suggests doubt in the condemnation of Sgt. Sefton at the right moments. Only allows us the true answer when Sefton finds out. Ausgehen baby.

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