Night Owl

The Evil Dead

Viewed: 15 July 2002
Directed by: Sam Raimi
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Didnít win me over with its high production values, but in the end a very entertaining film. I detected shades of the Shinning, thou that might be because It was the first thing I thought of with the opening tracking shot to the cabin. But I guess that also is a throwback to Touch of Evil. But then I might be going to far. The highlight of the film had to be the forest rape scene. How did I know that was going to happen? The cinematography was excellent for the (presumed) budget. The editing was good too. I liked the closed eyes/open eyes, even if it was heavy handed. But then the entire film is heavy handed. The script was good enough to make me take it seriously. What if Ash is arrested? What if Ash were to commit suicide? I really want to see the others now. Like the one where Bruce Campbell cuts off his arm and attaches a chainsaw (or so I hear). Come get some.

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