Night Owl

Der Krieger Und Die Kaiserin

Viewed: 27 July 2002
Directed by: Tom Tykwer
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Absolutely Beautiful. Germany is made to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Tom Tykwer’s next movie after Lola Rennt. He retains the very careful camera work, even a few running scenes. Every shot is so crisp, saturated with color, and lit perfectly. I need to learn the technical processes behind that look. The story is fucked up, not really easy to explain. Hmm, A nurse in a mental hospital falls in love with the man who saves her life and has demons of his own. Thats the best I can do in a short space. It is set in Wuppertal, with its suspended monorail. That thing is so damn cool. Makes for one of the best shots in the movie, an extremely controlled fly over the Wuppertal river. Tykwer has a very good technical mastery added to excellent writing, all of which makes for movie that are beautiful and entertaining.

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