Night Owl


Viewed: 27 July 2002
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

Following was very good. A writer down with ideas and unemployed starts following random people around. He finds one man particularly interesting and follows him more then once. The man confronts the writer in a restaurant and it turns out that he is a bugler. Soon the writer is following the bugler on jobs, until he gets in too deep. Basically a study on strangers, reading people without meeting them. It is similar to ideas Iíve had about following people, or I should say I have followed random people just for kicks. Not in a while, thou this movie makes me want to do it again. It has the Christopher Nolan touch of a shuffled order, that becomes clearer until all is revealed in the end. Not to say that it is anything like Memento. Very enthralling, worth seeing again.

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