Night Owl


Viewed: 27 July 2002
Directed by: Michael Cristofer
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

Jasonic - how was Gia?
K Gnome - eh, very much made for tv
Jasonic - but you got to see angelina jolie's boobs!
K Gnome - and some lesbian sex
Jasonic - why dyou think its name has been thrown about so
Jasonic - see?
Jasonic - you cant see that on tv
K Gnome - damn I can't find the great review on imdb for gia Jasonic - yr fucked now billy
K Gnome - oh well, it was something like "I rented this to see angelina jolie's tits"
Jasonic - i thought thats why you got it
K Gnome - I'm not sure why I got it
K Gnome - it was suppose to be really good

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