Night Owl

Fahrenheit 451

Viewed: 28 July 2002
Directed by: François Truffaut
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Ah Truffaut, you French beast. The Family is putting on a play, will you play with us? We have trouble, we only have 13 people to come to our dinner party, who should else can we invite? What do you think Linda? The play reminds me of complicated problems that are on standardized tests. I think for Halloween i need to get people to dress in all black and be the players from Fahrenheit 451. We only have 13 beers left, whatever will we do? Do you know? I have this inkling that Truffaut actually built the monorail for the movie. When Montag and Linda are walking next to it, the same train keeps going back and forth. Its really obvious since its a monorail, and there is only the one track. Oh and right when they start walking you can see unfinished support structures in the background. I would notice the discrepancies with the monorail thou. (damn, it was the Safege Monorail in France, curiously it was ten years old at the time of the filming) I wonder about the references in the books that are burning. The camera stays for a long time on a Dali book, as the wind flips its pages. The other book I noted was a copy of the movie edition of Lolita, which was also filmed in Pinewood studios.

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