Night Owl

The Straight Story

Viewed: 31 July 2002
Directed by: David Lynch
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Damn David Lynch directed this? There are actually some lynch-ian cues. Alot of repeated imagery, a harvester in the fields, the same shot of the sunrise, the image of the road slowly disappearing under the tractor. The characters arenít bizarre, but are quirky. The next door neighbor sunning herself eating a pin donut. Out of is films that Iíve seen (only Blue Velvet and Mulholland Drive) This seems like his most cinematic. It relies heavy on the frame, and letting the shots sink in. Moves very slow, lets the viewer see the details of the cornfields. Brings back memories of Blue velvetís slow pacing. Defiantly the most accessible of Lynchís films, not normally something I would get. Hell, its probably the only straight up Disney film Iíll ever rent.

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