Night Owl

The Conversation

Viewed: 13 August 2002
Directed by: Francis Ford Coppola
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An early Francis ford Coppola, starring gene Hackman as a quiet oppressive, and disturbed surveillance expert. I records a conversation and believes that it will have deadly consequences. It does, but not what is to be expected. Gene Hackman wears the same green plastic raincoat through out the film even thou it never rains. I suppose its a metaphor for not getting involved, not listening to the conversation, not getting wet. Very good, well crafted suspense. Much it relies on Gene Hackmans quiet performance. And interesting parallel to Kubrickís use of bathrooms, when the red blood regurgitates from the toilet. After godfather and uses a fair selection of the same actors, who would also go on to make Apocalypse Now. Very good, very quiet movie that is surprising that it hasnít been heard of more.

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