Night Owl

La Femme Nikita

Viewed: 13 September 2002
Directed by: Luc Besson
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One of the best endings I have ever seen. Up there with Lock Stock and Two Smoking barrels. Damn. That ending vindicates every frame that comes before it, every stupid piece of 80ís music trash. The terrible campy training period. All of it is worth that ending. Damn. Perhaps I am over hyping it. The credits are still rolling as I write this. Wow, Luc Bresson wrote this well. Long Kiss Goodnight I canít even remember. But La Femme Nikita. or at least the ending of La Femme Nikita. it seems very realistic as well. The timing of the film, probably takes place over 4 years at least. She trains for three, falls in love for 6. Then has the final six months for her mission. Oh an long Kiss goodnight, I assume comes from the line ďthis is the last kiss you will ever get from meĒ. ahhh. What a good film, Iím so happy now. {I just read on imdb, that I was confusing Long Kiss Goodnight with Point of No Return, a movie which I remember less of. I believe this is a mistake I have made before.}

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