Night Owl

The Spanish Prisoner

Viewed: 20 September 2002
Directed by: David Mamet
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Its so cool, everywhere Iíve been in the past 2 months was in this movie. They are in New York and he goes to Central Park around the carousel, the fountain and the Olmsted archway. Then he is directed to the Mens rooms, which I also went into when I was looking for Todd at the sonic youth show. Later on they are looking for him at JFK so they drive to Boston. The damn thing was actually filmed at Logan, a BHC boat, and at Rowes Wharf. In the background you can see the Moakley Federal courthouse under construction. It was just so damn cool. But, the coincidence aside, The movie did well in constructing the plot, with its twists and turns and no one to trust. The dialogue was very flat however, I suppose its due to the actors and Mametís style. It becomes more fluid later on, but early in the film I wondered why I was watching it. Even Steve Martin doesnít have the same charisma he normally does. But when you throw in Boston, Central park up in the 70ís, and a small role for Jonathan Katz it adds up to something. If only it was directed by someone elseÖ

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