Night Owl

Spy Game

Viewed: 23 September 2002
Directed by: Tony Scott
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

Ok. It was filmed well and had a very pretty exterior, but it also had terrible dialogue at points and relies too heavily on standard Hollywood practice. Visually it was very interesting, lots of computer controlled shots swooping and panning around Berlin, Vietnam, China, Beirut. Add the over-exposed look of Traffic to mix. The script was really the weak point of the whole film. Even the design of the titles was exciting and dynamic, until they used such titles like Da Nang 75. Is this some veteran telling a story at the local elks cub? Or is this a CIA agent recounting missions to the higher ups? The whole film had this shying away from not being Hollywood, just a little more and it would have been a realistic believable story, instead of another film out of the meat grinder.

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