Night Owl

Open Your Eyes

Viewed: 29 September 2002
Directed by: Alejandro AmenŠbar
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An interesting film that deals with a total recall/matrix like situation. The interesting part is that you donít find it out until the end. Instead the film looks like a deranged man who canít tell the difference between dream and reality. Better then waking life however or perhaps I should say more entertaining. This is the Spanish original of Vanilla Sky, which at the very least seemed visually interesting. I mean $2 million or so to empty Times Sq? Open your eyes had a similar scene with a street in Madrid, I suppose itís of the same importance street-wise. It would seem to be a hard film to market. The beginning is very much a drama/romance, with some punch. Hmm, I canít find a point to write around, um its well done and as I wrote before interesting.

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