Night Owl


Viewed: 14 October 2002
Directed by: Akira Kurosawa
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One thing I have notice about Kurosawa vs the American remakes, is that Kurosawa has a much more modern feel. The Magnificent Seven and Iím sure A Fistful of Dollars, have the look and feel of the 60ís popular cinema. Where as Kurosawa is just cool. Even the music in Yojimbo is not so period specific, as I would imagine or have expected. No tragic musical choices. Toshio Mifune is a nice likable samurai. Tough, but of course with the right intentions. The ronin comes to a town divided by two fighting gangs, and plays them against each other. Until all are dead and the town is free. Reading some background it is very obviously inspired by American westerns. Very similar characters and motivations. I wonder what a Fistful of Dollars, a remake of a Japanese film inspired by American westerns is like. Though I imagine its similar to the Seven Samurai vs the Magnificent Seven. I wish I could wear a robe. SometimesÖ

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