Night Owl

The Last Detail

Viewed: 15 October 2002
Directed by: Hal Ashby
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

I have to ask myself why did I rent this? I think I wanted to see Jack Nicholson. Well they movie did offer that. It also offered a look at a year old Amtrak with Dirty Penn Central equipment (GG1s!). A dirty very basement like Penn Station, clad in just marble (at IMDB it looks like it could be Toronto) . A slight tease of the Orange Line elevated. (or so it seems) Damn this modern world!!! But enough of me geeking out over trains. The 70ís was a very dirty time in this country, or at least very dirty in winter. I think I confused this with another movie of a similar theme. Well the locations were cool, NYC, Boston and Portsmouth. And the trains were cool. Over then that, I canít say the last detail offers much.

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