Night Owl

Where The Buffalo Roam

Viewed: 06 December 2002
Directed by: Art Linson
Listed in: Movies, Netflix

It has the same effect as Fear and Loathing, however the production values are nowhere near the same. Bill Murray at first is not as an intense Thompson as Johnny Depp, but eventually I grew to enjoy him in the role. It becomes less about the actor playing it and more just about Thompson. I should read one of his books, I like his crazy manic style. It is quite entertaining. He might be right about substances creating a better writer. I seem to be making less spelling mistakes, and I can type looking at the screen. Of course Iíve had three beers and am in this Hunter S Thompson mindset, like I always am after a good film. Where the Buffalo roam might have more the of the manic pacing of a Thompson novel, and lacks the accessibility of Fear and Loathing. It does of course feature the same style and prose and (in the end) is just as entertaining.

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