Night Owl

Bottle Rocket

Viewed: 12 December 2002
Directed by: Wes Anderson
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Funny odd film that fits in well with Wes Anderson's other films. More independent then his now more mainstream films. Three friends look to live the fast life of career criminals. The film mostly deals with making crime stereotypes true. No matter how inept, its really easy to go to party at night and plot during the day. I mean who robs bookstores or Meat Packing plants? Who finds love with a motel maid? What kind of criminal mastermind like Mr Henry is so eccentric and crazy? Personally interesting to me is the appearance of a FL Wright house, apparently the William A. Thaxton House, in Texas. Bob the loser third friend with an abusive older brother lives there. A nice little fun film (not little on the fun, but little).

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