Night Owl


Viewed: 22 December 2002
Directed by: David Mamet
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If this was filmed in Montreal they did a really good job making it look like Boston. Little things that people like me would only recognize. A Boston Globe newspaper box. A MBTA Crosstown Bus sign. (Actually I think the crosstown bus sign was out of place, considering what the crosstown buses serve) It funny that they should go through so much trouble, then have the wrong skyline from the harbor. And the wrong Control tower on the airport. Thou that might suppose to be TF Green. Since its pretty obviously in the woods. It ashamed I suppose Iíve been to Montreal and live in Boston, Iím looking for these things. But on to the film itself, It has quite a few twists, He has the gold, he doesnít. He has the girl he doesnít. Wait they were just acting. But no now they are not. He doesnít have the gold. But the girl. Ah crap. I forget what he has. Its not that bad, but the twists to get to be a bit much. Manet writes a good script, and pays attention to the details. Enjoyable if a bit stereotypical.

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