Night Owl

Shadow Of A Doubt

Viewed: 05 January 2003
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
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At first Charlie thinks her Uncle coming is just what the family needs, until she realizes just who her uncle is. Uncle Charlie (who Charlie is named after) escapes the hell of the Northeast Megalopolis and arrives in the small town of Santa Rosa, CA. Where the policemen smile, everybody knows everybody else, and life is a quiet simple affair. Uncle Charlie is disgusted by the world he knows, disgusted by the filth and waste of the rich. He finds his family in Santa Rosa to be a wonderful average affair, seemly too average. The youngest son Roger is told not the say bad things about the government. Hitchcock paints a picture of an oblivious American Family too concerned with the trivial to know whats going on. There seems to be hiccups along the way, the film doesn't flow as nicely as say North by Northwest. But its Hitchcock before he becomes a huge star himself. Joseph Cotton plays Charlie perfectly, this evil persona he just can't keep within it permeates everything he does.

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