Night Owl

Dark City

Viewed: 28 January 2003
Directed by: Alex Proyas
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This seems like the ultimate meta movie. For those that followed it and those that came before. Brazil, Metropolis, Vertigo, Blade Runner, Requiem for a dream, The Matrix, Gattaca, Being John Malkovich, all have themes or images that are represented in this film. It takes place in this standardized city, this film noir sometime in the 20th century. It mixes and matches and brings together so many elements, so much inspiration flows into and out of it. Six degrees of Dark City. The list of films that have a connection to this must be very long indeed. This might reflect the central theme of the film, to fabrication of history, memory, this believe we have in the mind, when it very possibly is something more. In this sense the film itself is a fabrication of memories, it is one film and a few others, its elements are as injected as the memories of its characters. It becomes the film that always seemed to be around. the film I never remembered in the theaters, yet the film everyone has heard of. I suppose they might have seen it, but donít quite remember it.

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