Night Owl

Jules Et Jim

Viewed: 28 February 2003
Directed by: FranÁois Truffaut
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I watched it a week ago and havenít had the energy to write out a review. It wasnít what I expected for what is considered Truffautís great film. An Austrian (Jules) and Frenchmen (Jim) become great friends in pre-WW1 France. Jules meets the amazing Catherine and they fall in love. Soon the war breaks out. Jules and Catherine are married in Germany, as both Jules and Jim are drafted. After the war Jim comes to visit and soon falls in love with Catherine too. The dynamic for the rest of the film concerns the relationship of all three. Mostly how two friends handle the same women differently. Normally I reserve reading the user comments on imdb for after i write a review. I didnít this time, and would agree with the majority of the reviewers. This film is very hard to crack. Academics love it, but Iím not sure what I missed. To me 400 blows or Stolen Kisses or Shoot the Piano Player seem much better. Or at least have something for me. I donít no, maybe in a few years I can understand. As of now, I enjoyed it but failed to see its significance.

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