Night Owl

Rosemarys Baby

Viewed: 22 May 2003
Directed by: Roman Polanski
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La la la la la la. An very early Roman Polanski film. I took it out, because someone compared pictures of mine to it. I donít quite see a connection but it was interesting none the less. I did also see a crappy VHS pan and scan, so I canít really comment on the camera work. If anything it was more funny then scary. The early 1960ís dates its execution. Its concepts however are horrifying. Something is wrong with Rosemaryís baby. She is sick for the first 3 or 4 months of the pregnancy with a craving for raw meat. When he is finally born, he is taken away from her by a bunch of satanists. For you see he has his fathers eyes. And his father is Satan. Rosemaryís husband gave her over to the satanists for success in his career. They in turn allowed Satan to rape her. I think this is the only other Polanski I have seen since Chinatown. It leaves me wanting to see the Pianist or even the Ninth Gate.

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