Night Owl


Viewed: 12 July 2003
Directed by: Michael Crichton
Listed in: Movies, Other

A great Michael Crichton B film. I assume its a B film, when viewed in that context its a lot of fun. An amusement park of the future, where everything is a robot. For your pleasure or killing or whatever else you desire. Westworld is one of three worlds, set in the old west bar fights, bank robbers, prostitutes. Medivalworld allows for dashing knights, princesses in distress, and wenches. Romanworld allows for all the glory and lust of roman life, with concubines. I for one would favor the orgies of Romanworld to the gunfights of Westworld, but then in Westworld you get to shoot people. Anyway, much like the Simpsons episode, the robots go bad and start killing. Yul Brenner should have played the Terminator. Thats about it, I want to holiday in Romanworld.

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