Night Owl


Viewed: 21 October 2003
Directed by: IstvŠn Szabů
Listed in: Movies, Class

As I was typing the title I spelled it Mepshito. That isnít really a fair description of the film but it is fitting. A German stage actor Hendrik Hoefgen, finds success when he makes deals with the Nazis. I had high hopes for this film, expecting to see something into the Naziís idea of culture. Instead I found the film jumped around too much and avoided outdoor scenes like the plague. In one, I think they used the same antique car twice, having it turn around and go the other way. The story does allow for a great scene with Hoefgen in his Mephistopheles costume talking to Goering in his private box, as everyone in the crowd watches on silently. I wanted this to be much better then it was.

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