Night Owl

Kill Bill

Viewed: 24 October 2003
Directed by: Quentin Tarantino
Listed in: Movies, Cinema

Iím still not sure what to think. Everyone around me says how great it was, I donít think Iíd call it great. Judging from the ďold kinglon ProverbĒ that starts the film off, this is every 14 year old nerds fantasy movie. References to anime, star trek, hong-kong action, westerns, and hot chicks cutting limbs off each other with samurai swords. At least Tarantino didnít blatantly rip off entire films without given them a nod of credit. Reservoir dogs, Pulp fiction and True Romance were much more sophisticated. Kill Bill is Tarantino masturbating on screen. Its a cheap thrill, but still a thrill.

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