Night Owl

Bowling For Columbine

Viewed: 29 December 2003
Directed by: Michael Moore
Listed in: Movies, Other

Seeing it for the second time it still displays the same misgivings and strong points. I’m less gushing about it, it looks very amateurish. I did have problem with ‘What a wonderful world” its just too damn obvious, did Moore just come out of film school? Or after the excellent Trey Parker American History lesson “Everybody lived happily ever after.” a short pause, then big white text expanding “Or Did they?”. What the hell? I’m I suppose to be that stupid? It needs to be polished, quite a bit. On the other hand, no other mainstream film addresses the issues quite as well. Or addresses the issues at all. I hope it brought a lot of ideas to people, even though it is in a flawed package.

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