Night Owl

Wild Strawberries

Viewed: 03 March 2004
Directed by: Ingmar Bergman
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The first happy Ingmar Bergman film Iíve seen. A Professor is traveling to a university to receive an award for being a doctor for 50 years. Along the way he is confronted with his life of the past 78 years. Bergman show us him interacting with his past through, dreams, his daughter in-law, his mother, and a young group of hitchhikers. All in different phases in life. Isak is able to pass the knowledge of his mistakes to his daughter in-law and hopefully his son, who was raised in the same cold household as he was. As always with Bergman are images of beautiful high contrast scenes of the Swedish country side. All mixed in the time traveling dreams of his youth and future. Excellent film.

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