Night Owl

The Passion Of The Christ

Viewed: 11 March 2004
Directed by: Mel Gibson
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No real story arch, just a liner progression and no character development. The film just plods along from plot point to plot point with only throwaway flashbacks to undeveloped parts of the story. I am slightly familiar with it, but not having any context, I was lost on at most points. Since I only recognized flashes of the story, I kept remember masterpieces of art that where much better. Granted for every Last Supper, there are tons of mediocre works. And This is one of those works, a commissioned piece on some small forgotten cathedral wall. Technically up to the standards of the day, but not achieving more with the art form. This is where the movie fails for me. No real story behind it, give me no reason to have any connection to the characters. No real use of film, doesnít even allow me to enjoy it on a formal level. Since it is one of the few recent adaptations of the subject, it will be hailed by those who know the Bible. For those who arenít familiar, it offers nothing beyond a gory interpretation of torture.

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